Our History

KESC History

Although the business was only registered in 2011, the Director and Management Staff have more than 10 years experience in the development, installation, maintenance and training in electrical and renewable energy systems for project sustainability.
KESC has successfully implemented various electrical and renewable energy systems for individuals, communities, and organizations.

Although KESC is a small and relatively new business it is striving to grow its business. KESC successfully worked with a Japanese company: Takaoka Engineering Company Ltd in the installation of solar electrical generation and distribution system for Kamuzu International Airport.

Some of Past Track Records of Accomplishments – KESC
In 2016 we have managed to install a 10kW solar backup system for Livingstonia Synod Aids Programme (LISAP). This comprises of Offices, Charlet, Hostels and Cafeteria. The system was design, calculation of load requirement and installation was done by Kuunika Electrical and Solar Contractor.Currently, it is in good working condition.

In 2013-2015, University of Malawi - The Polytechnic WASHTED under the Scottish funded Malawi Renewable Energy Acceleration Programme (MREAP) engaged KESC in designing, installation and commissioning of solar system for various schools and rural health facilities in Chikwawa and Nsanje districts. We worked diligently, and communicated well together and with the team to successfully complete the project.

The installed solar PV systems are still in good working conditions. We were also tasked to train the communities about safety, operation and maintenance of the installed systems as one way of capacity building and enhancing system sustainability. We completed this component of the contract so much so that we were innovative and went further to formulate energy committees that were entrusted in the overall management of the installed systems.

Apart from that, in 2013 KESC was involved in the installation of solar photovoltaic electricity generation and distribution system at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe.

This was a 1 year project which involved in the construction of 830 kW solar electricity generation and distribution system. Electricity generated is used at the airport and any excess is fed into the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) grid. The tasks involved installation of 11kV feeder line, switchgears, 1MVA transformer, 100kW Power conditioners (Inverters), and 59 Solar Arrays which generate 830 kW. Apart from hydro power generation; this is the biggest renewable energy project to be undertaken in Malawi.

In January – February 2013 KESC successfully completed a solar photovoltaic system for Khozo Community Based Organisation Centre under the Catholic Health Services in Rumphi district. In this project KESC designed and installed a solar photovoltaic system (comprising solar panels, battery bank, inverters, lamps and charge controllers amongst others) for lighting for the centre and several school blocks, battery charging for income generating activities, and Information Communication Technology for the centre. In addition KESC trained users in maintenance and management solar photovoltaic systems for sustainability.

Between 2009 and 2011 KESC was involved in the installation of electrical machinery in the cafeteria of Nkhata Bay District Hospital and at we have also been involved in consultancy work of electrical energy audit for Kawalazi Tea Estates Limited. We were retrofitting machinery with other equipment that consumes low power for the purpose of minimizing bills.
In collaboration with FC Consultants KESC successfully installed five community solar water pumping and distribution systems in Zomba and Mzimba which are benefiting more than 60,000 people. This project was undertaken on behalf of World Vision International (DANONE Project) between 2011 and 2013. In this project KESC was involved in the baseline data collection, installation of solar pumping systems, rehabilitation of water distribution systems, development of a business model for running the water systems for sustainability, training of communities in system operation and management.

In September 2012 KESC successfully installed a 500w solar photovoltaic system and associated works for charging portable batteries to power LED lights. The system was installed at Ruarwe in Nkhata Bay district. In collaboration Washted of University of Malawi – Polytechnic, KESC was involved with in installation of solar electrical systems for Health Centres and Primary Schools in Chikwawa district.